Structural Draft and Design Course

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Job for Structural Drafts and Design is very important as it is the person that crafts and develops final sketches for different frameworks while being in budget and mentioned guidelines. To become a certified Structural Draft and Design professional you have to go through the course related to it. You will study about structural technology, building codes, advanced structural drawing. In additional subjects there are advanced mathematics, blueprint reading and computer-aided drafting. In the course you will get aware about the detailed analysis and design of:-

  • Non-plant buildings like workshop, warehouse, Admin building etc.
  • Plant buildings like pump-house, substation, control building, compressor house etc
  • Structures related to equipment supporting
  • Foundation for rotating equipment
  • Design for static equipment foundation
  • Pipe racks and sleepers

Along with this there are several other things which you will get aware of. After doing this course you will be well aware about the very single aspect of structural draft and design. This course can be the milestone in path of your career.

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25 Sept 2020


4 Months


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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