Electrical Design Engineering Course

Program Description

It is the field of engineering that deals with application and study of electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. Today there is huge demand of Electrical Design Engineers. In this course you will get aware about:-


  • Basics of engineering
  • simplification of Circuit, response of capacitor and inductor to DC supply, capacitor, inductor, power, energy, impact of temperature on resistor etc
  • general arrangement of Substation, protection system of Earthing & lightning, layouts, systems of cabling, cable tray layouts, cable trays, system of lighting, lighting layouts
  • Classification of load, calculations of transformer-sizing, calculations of DG sizing & UPS sizing, calculations of Fault, grounding of single line diagram, calculations of Cable sizing, P.F. development
  • motors & their applications, dc motors, synchronous motors, starting methods, motor-protection, induction motor, rating of Name plate


Structure, principle related to operation, types of Transformers & their applications, voltage equation, regulation and efficiency, rating of name plate, OCTC, OLTC, methods of cooling, Parallel operation. Transformer-testing, fortification of transformer etc

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