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Satyam Academy Institute of Technology is one of the most profound and swingeing institutes that offer immaculate technical infrastructure. We have experienced and skilled faculty that is sharing its valuable experience and skills with the future geniuses with us. We are committed to serve our students with the best always.

Here you will get variety of courses with an assurance of complete satisfaction either it is the matter of study or life changing opportunities in career. This institute provides industrial training program based on remarkable engineering methodology and principles, best industrial practices etc. We want to educate each and every man and woman who deserves and carries a will to do something big in this field.


  • I have found Satyam Academy which was very supportive and their course modules are extremely easy to use and understand. And faulty are very cooperative. I recommend this institute to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of Piping engineering.

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    • Shiva Kumar
    • Mumbai
  • Engineering Courses
  • Drafting And Designing

Diploma in Piping Engineering

In this course you will get aware about each and every aspect related to piping engineering. This course will provide you knowl...

Process Engineering

If you are willing to make your career in Process Engineering then this course can make you aware about its every single detail...

Electrical Design Engineering

It is the field of engineering that deals with application and study of electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. Today th...

Instrumentation Design Engineering

Instrumentation engineer is accountable for crafting, mounting, installing, managing, and maintaining the equipment that is use...

Process Equipment Design

In this course you will learn about-


  • Method testing, inspection and welding
  • Use o...

Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis addresses the strength and stability of machines and structures while under load. It is quite essential to anal...

Architectural Draft and Design

Architectural draft and design involves the process of crafting models and drawings to build structures. If yo...

Civil Draft and Design

If you are willing to craft water plants, bridges, airports etc then you need to educate yourself regarding course civil draft ...

Electrical Draft and Design

Electrical drafters create drawings, plans and charts that consist of design related to electric wiring and that are used to re...

Piping Draft & Design

It is an intermediate piping drafting course. You have to become profound in training, drafting and drafting principles to beco...

Structural Draft and Design

Job for Structural Drafts and Design is very important as it is the person that crafts and develops final sket...

Mechanical Draughtsman

For doing Mechanical Draughtsman course you should be well aware about sustainable analytical and mathematical...

Instrumentation Draft and Design

You can easily learn about Instrumentation Draft and Design with the assistance of this course. In this course...